House Restumping Gold Coast

Sagging or sloping floors? Cracks in exterior or interior walls? Doors don’t close well? House restumping is the ideal solution.

At Wayne Marshall Restumping Services, we pride ourselves on offering high quality house restumping in Gold Coast.

Whether you want to raise your house, want to carry out excavations under the home or simply want to replace rotten, damaged or rusted stumps, we have you covered.

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Fully Insured and Licensed Professionals

house restumping gold coastWe are a trusted name for house restumping in Gold Coast. Accredited by the Queensland Building Services Authority, we are a fully insured and licensed company. We deliver high quality workmanship and assure you of 100% satisfaction. Whether you are looking to replace a few stumps or are looking for whole house restumping, we are happy to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Our House Restumping Services in Gold Coast

  • Concrete, steel and timber stump replacement
  • Structural steel beam installations
  • House re-levelling
  • House raising
  • House lowering
  • House holding
  • Under house excavations
  • Bracing
  • Lifts and holds

High Quality Products

We make use of high quality products in all our restumping projects. Whether you opt for steel, concrete or timber stumps, expect the best quality products. We source from the biggest names in the industry to deliver a solution that lasts.

We use copper chrome treated timber, reinforced concrete stumps and galvanised steel stumps.

When we restump your house, expect a high quality solution that will last for years to come without any troubles. Expect complete peace of mind.

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